Sunday, July 12, 2009

Luna Time

When I awoke this morning little did I know what road would lie before me. We came to the realization this past Thursday even that Luna had come into heat. In retrospect, she began spotting Tuesday evening, but after a boat run to Picnic Island with our friends Steve & Sooz Johnson and their handsome schnauzer Zack, there was a major V8 moment when Ginny had Luna sit on one of our white beach towels. We headed to our vets Friday morning right after breakfast and Luna had a vaginal smear and progesterone test. The smear, where a q-tip is used to transfer Luna’s discharge along her vaginal wall to a couple of slides indicated she was proestrus and the progesterone test results weren’t received until this morning. Our vet, Dr. Kirk Andazola of Coral Veterinary called to report Luna’s progesterone was 1.2 and he forecasted her going into ovulation in 2, maybe 3 days. “You might want to start your drive to the stud dog.”
Luna’s betrothed is an 11-year old extremely accomplished gent named DC Can. CH AFC BISS Arsla And Auburn's Sunny Boy MH owned by Anthony & Lois Smid of Oakland, New Jersey. That’s were we are headed with the intent of meeting for the very first time on Tuesday morning at their vets. Having never done this before, adding a 1,200 plus mile journey into the mix, is making this quite an adventure. Thank God Luna is a wonderful traveler!
Ginny got us all packed to go while I did one last run to my office and then to the airport to pick up an Avis Jeep Liberty, as I figured out the value of putting a couple thousand miles on a rental versus adding to my Mountaineer’s 185,000 after our South Dakota & Louisiana road trip last November.Throughout our get ready, Luna repeatedly stood at the laundry room door to our garage, or laid by the truck in the garage, as if she understood, or at minimum, wanted to make sure she wasn’t about to miss this road trip. We rolled out of our driveway just before 3:30 and headed north, thinking Oakland NJ was our final, but not sure as I had not been able to reach with the Smids and wasn’t sure where they or Sunny Boy was. Fortunately, Lois and I finally connected by phone and I learned they were in at a dog show including a Vizsla specialty in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, just west of Niagara. They would be returning to Oakland on Monday when Luna and I should arrive. Having left my home without knowing their status, I was glad they weren’t west of the Mississippi, like in Colorado or California!!!
The remaining part of the day’s drive was more comforting. Our first stop was a rest area in Sumter County just south of Ocala. Luna and I had a nice walk, stretched out legs and she enjoyed her lamb dinner. We drove a little further north into southern Ocala and jumped off I-75 and took 301 north until we hit I-10 east towards Jacksonville, with one bathroom and gas stop in Lawtey along the way. At 9:55 we crossed the Florida – Georgia border and at 11:50 checked in to the Holiday Inn in Pooler, Georgia. Luna loves getting settled in nice, big king bedded hotel rooms and after a good nights rest, we going to try and make it to Philadelphia tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to connect with my friend Nick Dominijanni who is the DOSM at The Penn’s View Hotel, one of my favorites and offers a great Italian restaurant with the largest wine bar in America…hope they’re dog friendly! Until my next posting…

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