Sunday, August 9, 2009

What Happened & Where We Think We Are Today

My apologies to those who have been "following" this blog as I've been lax on content generation. So here's the Reader's Digest version...

Our last day in NY/NJ was Saturday the 25th. Luna and I left the Kohler home in Babylon and headed to LaGuardia to pick up Ed Furtek, who flew up from Ft. Myers to help me with a timely drive home. We made it to Tony & Lois' home just before one and at the same time as Florence Duggan's arrival. I took the timing as a good sign.

Ed opted to stay with the Jeep as I escorted Luna to the Smid backyard to meet up with Lois, Florence & Sunny Boy. After some running around, sniffing and typical dog behavior, Luna and Sunny got down to business. She was highly accepting, did not yelp or whimper on the tying, which last 13 plus minutes. Florence instructed me to put her up in the truck, keep her still and not let her pee until southern Maryland or 3 hours! I did what I was told and after saying our goodbyes, Ed, Luna & I pulled out of the Smid driveway in Oakland New Jersey at 1:30 pm on Saturday, and pulled into Ed's driveway in N. Ft. Myers at 11:05 am Sunday morning. Two alternating drivers is the way to slay a big road trip.

Here I type two weeks later and given behavior changes, enlarging nipples and general consensus of those who know her, we're pretty sure our mission was successsful. We have a visit to our vets on 8/25 to know for sure, and in the interim collecting names of folks who are interested in Vizsla pups. One inquiry came from a gent who lives in northern New Jersey, close to Florence who referred him, who was down here at South Seas on vacation with his family! We met on the Sanibel Causeway so he could see/meet Luna and I shared my South Seas history with him. Small World!!!

And for those who don't know, we've been "V-sitting" Jabal, a 5-month old bitch who lives on Grand Bahama Island with our friends the Alnebecks. Ginny got her the Friday before my & Luna's return, and she goes home this upcoming Saturday. We've very much enjoyed her and the two V experience she's prepared us for. Oh, how we forget what puppies are like!!! Next post...the results of the 8/25 vet visit...stay tuned!